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Alfonso Light - 1L

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Aged in oak casks brandy-type spirit, Alfonso I Light is prepared with medium and high-strength wine spirits.

PRODUCTION: Selected spirits of good white wines, healthy and fit for consumption. Aged for 18 months in American oak casks according to the traditional Sherry system of Soleras and Criaderas.

COMSUPTION: Due to its great versatility and quality this brandy is recommended both with a mixer and as an ingredient of numerous cocktails, as well as neat or on the rocks.

ABOUT ALFONSO: Quality, tradition and nobility are some of the attributes of 'Alfonso', the range of brandies de Jerez (sherry brandies) prepared Bodegas Williams & Humbert, a winery that was founded more than a hundred years ago. The secret of its extraordinary quality lies in the careful selection of raw materials obtained from high-strength and medium-strength spirits of good wines. That is why brandy is considered the most noble of spirits.